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Can I disable adding teeth and eyes to the avatar?
teeth 3d eyes


You mean when uploading a photo to create your own photoface 3D character?
The generated character must have teeth (it would appear quite odd without them when it speaks) - so we add the teeth.
The eyes - we do not add them, but use the eyes from the origianl photo - and make them blink.

In both cases the above is default behavior that cannot be modified.

But I am not clear on why you would want to - perhaps if you could briefly explain what you are trying to do, that might help offer the best advice.

SitePal Team.
It's like avatar in smart house. Why do they think that there should be a human head? Why empower a house by characteristics of persons, that have their own opinion and will - we perceive it as such at the level of instincts. Why react with it in this kind of emotional relationship? Is it nice when someone staring on you all the time even when you're in your own home?

The site will represent the line of high-tech products. And I want to create the very essence of advisor to serve visitors. It looks like part of the site design. It will be face, but no soul. It serves to verbal and visual contact with the visitor. It must be very comfortable interface. No more no less.

for example:

Got it.
The only way is to create a custom character for you. We do so frequently for our customers. I'm afraid there will be cost involved - as there is some work to be done.

If you are interested, please send a note to sales@sitepal.com

SitePal Team
Possibly do that. Thank you for your help.