Sitepal output

Becky Bear 12 years ago updated by Akhil 12 years ago 1
I am using a rather unique web design program and I really, really need to know QUICKLY if the sitepal output is swf, html, javascript code or something different

I am using Sitgrinder which is a Photoshop based WYSIWYG web design tool. I design in Photoshop and give sitegrinder instructions on how things should be placed and look, One thing I want to do is give alt image tags for what my avatar is saying. The folks at Sitegrinder say I need to tell them what format Sitepal ouputs in because Sitegrinder handles swf, html and javascript differently
Hi Becky,

The output is a Swf object, the scene will render a few Javascript File, but the output is a flash object.

I am not familiar with Sitegrinder, but you could try using several embed code, such as with JS embed, without JS. AS2(note 3d characters will not work with AS2 code), and AS3- and compare which code provides best output.
Let me know if you have any questions.