How can I upload a longer (3.30) minute message?

Suzanne Kiraly 13 years ago updated by Gil 11 years ago 4
Hi there,

I want to sign up for your service, but I want to use the site pal avatar as a welcome to our services on my web site and I have recorded a longer message (over 3 minutes). Can I please upload this in some way?

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Suzanne -
There is a technical limit of 90 sec. for SitePal audios.

There are ways around it - by chopping up the longer audio to smaller pieces (each shorter than 90 sec) - and using the API to program the SitePal Avatar to speak the audio segments consecutively.
This is not very complicated to implement - but does require some programming skills - which I realize is not for everyone.

Please note though that our experience shows that to be effective, a SitePal message should be kept reasonably short.
Viewers' attention is hard to hold for a long time, and we therefore strongly recommend using audios no longer than 60 seconds.

Hope this helps,
SitePal Team
Suzanne -

Here is a link to a technical example that demonstrates how to string together for playback several consecutive audios -


If you send a link to our support at support@sitepal.com - we will help you set this up.

SitePal Team
Thanks that's as clear as mud!
Kevin -
I'm glad it is!

We have recently added a second example that perhaps more vividly demonstrates lengthy audio playback -

All our examples are available on the SitePal support page -

Hope this helps,