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Cancel my trial

Rob Hadley 8 years ago updated by Chukwuma Ugoh 1 year ago 2

First of all, if you do not offer phone support you mark yourself out as a scam. Is that the image you wish people to have of Sitepal?

After requesting support and not getting it I'd like to cancel my trial. You do not include anywhere on your site how to cancel the trial. Gues you really are scamming people!

Under review

Hi Rob -

To cancel you Free Trial you can go to the 'Account Info' page and deactivate automatic billing.

Or you can send us a note at support@sitepal.com - and we will take care of it for you.

In case you were billed, at the end of the free trial, you would still have 30 days to ask for a refund, no reason required.

We offer phone support only to Gold and Platinum customers I'm afraid. But email support is unlimited and available to all our customers. Our policy is to respond to support emails within 2 business days - but we typically respond on the same day as well as on weekends. Note that sometimes email responses can get stuck in the spam folder.

Hope this helps,


SitePal Team

please I need my subscription canceled.