Audio length increasing

Gautam Kannan 12 years ago updated by Gil 12 years ago 1
Is it possible to give a mic input to my avatar for more than 90seconds


I'm sorry that's not possible.

Two possible workarounds -
* If only a handful of audios, and up to 2 min long each - record the audios using any utility on your PC or Mac - save as mp3 - and then send us the audios to support@sitepal.com - we will add it to your account for you.
* for even longer audios, you need to segment them - in 90 sec segments or less, and use our API to control consecutive playback.

Here is a simple example of playback concatenation -

this example is with TTS, but can work the same way with recorded audio - just use sayAudio instead of sayText.

Hope this helps,
SitePal Team