iPad 2 Safari Avatar Size Problem

PC Callout Limited 13 years ago updated by Tiphaine Web 12 years ago 3
As subject. Using the iPad 2, the size of the static avatar is too large, principally in terms of width. The scene plays correctly using the video player. The problem is just the size of the static avatar. I'm using fully updated IOS 5.

Any solution please?
Hi there,

Would you be able to email a screenshot (from the iPad 2) to our support team (support at sitepal.com)? They will be happy to look into the issue and will do their best to provide you with a solution.

I did e-mail a screenshot on Thursday but I received no acknowledgement and, so far, no reply.
Hi there,

I'm having exactly the same problem ! The static image is bigger on ipad 2 than on my computer. It should be only 230px width. Here is the URL so that you can check it :