Is Flash 10 Required?

Eva 14 years ago updated 14 years ago 1
We have just launched an update to our site which now includes SitePal characters. Some IE7 users with Flash 8 installed are reporting that the SitePal movie is forcing them to install Flash 10. Is there any way to change this behavior?
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The SitePal system requires that all users upgrade to flash 9.0 r115 or higher. For those who have an older version of Flash (less than 1% of visitors), SitePal displays a discrete "upgrade your flash" message & link in the space allocated for the character. This should in no way change or disrupt the appearance of a page.

At SitePal we have consciously stayed “behind” the curve, requiring a new version of Flash only AFTER it is entirely embraced by the market. For Flash player adoption stats and to learn more about version penetration, click here .