How know when mp4 is ready ?

gianfranco de villa 12 years ago updated 12 years ago 4
Hi Gil,
some time ago you have stated that, for mobile, Oddcast automatically convert flash video
into mp4.
This take some time. I have seen that the time taken varies from 1 to 5 minutes.
My question is: there is a mode to know when specified mp4 video is ready ? With some api or query...
If is possible I wonder the Oddcast server (a request every 2-3 seconds) until I get the "ready mp4", then I unlock the app on the mobile to proceed to view the videos.

This is possible ?



Gianfranco -
This makes sense - we have no such solution at the moment.
Let me look into it - and see what we can do & how soon something like this can be added.
SitePal Team
Thank you Gil.

I wait hopeful... :)

Gianfranco -

We will be adding this functionality - not via polling, but through a callback.
By setting a callback URL in your account - you would be able to receive notification each time video generation is complete, for any of your account's Scenes.
This update will likely require about 2 weeks before it is deployed.

let me know if this makes sense to you

this is fine for me.