Trying to get sitepla to call back regarding purchasing 3-minutes of avatar for media literacy documentary

Shannon Silva 12 years ago updated by Gil Sideman 6 years ago 4
Hi, this is for any sitepal employee, I have been leaving messages at sitepal for a few months now regarding the use of an avatar in a media literacy documentary, but cannot get anyone to call me back about logistics and cost. Any way that you can pass on the request to a salesperson at the company?


Shannon -
Yes - please send a note to sales@sitepal.com and we should get back to you right away. I'm very surprised we to hear we have not been responsive and I'd like to look into it. How did you leave us messages?
SitePal Team

I am facing same issue. No one contacted us.

Hi Jarora - 

What issue are you facing?  How can we help?

btw - have you emailed support@sitepal.com  ?  The support line is manned seven days a week, and we typically respond within one business day. 

Shannon - were you able to make contact?