How can I make Site Pal work on a mobile phone or a tablet pc?

Winstone Choi 10 years ago updated by Gil Sideman 8 years ago 4
Our homepage uses your TTS product for English education. I am quite satisfied with your TTS product and service. Regarding the refund matter, I made sure that the refund was done and in my bank account. Thaks for your help, Gil!

When I load our homepage on a mobile phone and try to make your TTS work on it, your avatars appear but, TTS sound is not played.

How can I make TTS sound played on a mobile phone?

Kindly answer to this question.

Looking forward to hearing from your soon.
Hi Winstone -

I assume you are using our TTS API.

The API does not function on mobile at present. We are working on a new set of characters that will support dynamic API calls on mobile devices. This update will be available soon.

I hope this helps, let me know if you have further questions.
Winstone -
As you may have noticed/heard, and to bring this thread full circle, the new Full Body characters have launched several weeks ago.
The new characters are available to all SitePal customers, for all package levels. To try out the new characters, login to your account, and click on "Add Scene" - then select the Full Body scene type. Edit and publish your scene as you would any other scene (the editing options are different of course).

The new Full Body characters are mobile compatible, and they fully support the SitePal client API, with two exceptions -
1. setVolume does not work
2. playing an audio automatically when the page loads does not work - the character will appear, but the user must click on the play button or on some button that you create (and call the API).
Both issues are due to mobile browser limitations.

If you notice any problems or have comments - please let me know by posting here or write to support@sitepal.com


I tried after add scene of full body - it does not give me regular SitePal starter window to do needed stuffs

Hi Mohamad,

What do you mean by "regular starter window" ?

Can you share a link to your page where the problem can be seen? That would be very helpful.