Avatars are reloading constantly

Senad Meškin 13 years ago updated by Daniel Doak 13 years ago 4
How can I resolve this issue,
*** Security Sandbox Violation ***
SecurityDomain 'http://vhss-d.oddcast.com/vhss_v3.swf...' tried to access incompatible context 'http://vhss-a.oddcast.com/ccs2/vhss/l...'

and by the way I have two avatars on screen and one is constantly reloading.
Can you post a link to your page where this problem can be seen? That would be helpful! Or send to support@sitepal.com
SitePal Team
Sandbox violations will not interfere with your final publish. This is just letting you know that you are loading information from outside of your local security.

As for reloading scene, it sounds like you may need to add stop(); to your action script. Note that the character is loaded into an object which can be on a single frame or multiple frames, but if your movie is cycling, then the commands to load the character will be repeated.

This is of course my best guess with the information provided. As Gil said, more specific answers can be provided if we have the ability to see the files that you are working on.
Basically what I'm doing, I have two movie clips with the some as logic, for loading avatar, handling events and so on, so I have created method that I use to load avatar loadAvatar(urlFromSitePal);
I have added trace in that function and its not called twice, I have stop in my as. Weard its not happening when not in dev env.
I think you need to send your fla to support@sitepal.com so that we can work on this issue together. Please include the url to this community posting so that I can update the conversation once we have our solution.