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attach the avatar to a specific dom element into js

Giovanni Casella 8 years ago updated by Gil Sideman 5 years ago 3

I would like to pass to the function

AC_VHost_Embed(.....) the id of a specific div (or the dom element) where the flash object should be included.

I am trying to include the avatar into an angularJS application and I would like to create a directive. The problem is that if I try to execute AC_VHost_Embed(.....) into my js code (nto embedded in the html) I can't see my own page but I see only the avatar. Looking at you code I have seen that you attach the avatar to the document object.

There is any chance to do this?

Under review

Hi Giovanni -

If I understand it correctly, you are looking to display the SitePal Scene without mingling the dom object.

I suggest to save the embed code in a new page and to load it as an iframe.

Let me know how goes,


The SitePal Team

Did it work? I am trying to integrate a talking avatar in Angular...

Thx, Rafa

Hi Rafa - please let me know how goes. 

If you encounter a problem in your development - pls post a link to your test page where the problem can be seen, and our engineers will take a look at it and advise.