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Sitepal Plug Win 10, Powerpoint 2010 - No Plugin Menu

Gazoo 8 years ago updated by mauxier 7 years ago 5

Using Windows 10 Pro, Office 2010. Powerpoint has no additional plugins and nothing special installed. SitePal plugin installs, but will not show up in Powerpoint. Tried uninstall, reinstall, re-download and install again. Reboot each time. Nothing. Performed manual process and it works, however I am not interested in re-setting the control toolbox properties each time.

Any ideas ???

I have the same issue, has anybody been successful playing Sitepal in powerpoint 365?

Under review

The SitePal powerpoint plugin is out of date and will work only on older versions of Office.

We are working on an updated plugin which will cover both old and current Office.

In the meantime - we do have updated instructions for manually embedding in Office 2010 and 2013, not sure about 365. I'll ask for these instructions to be posted here tomorrow.

Do you have these instructions?

Mauxier - 

Here's a provisional document - see powerpoint p.11 - 


thank you!  This worked great.