compatiblity with mobile website ?

Jai 10 years ago updated by Sumit 10 years ago 1
sitepal text reading app is compatible for mobile website?

I have tried, not get any response. Even the avatar is not loading. Please let me know if anyother feature available to make app compatible with mobile websites.
Dear Jai,
SitePal Mobile Playback is Available to all SitePal customers.
SitePal Mobile lets many Web-enabled mobile device display your SitePal scene as a video. There is no need for Flash support, only video support, which is included with virtually all phones. Wait for a second so that scene turned as video file.

Since SitePal works on Flash, we need to be able to show SitePal scenes on mobile devices that do not support Flash. Here's how it works: When a visitor comes to your website, SitePal technology detects whether or not they are using a mobile device. If a mobile device is detected, SitePal then checks whether the device supports Flash.* If Flash is not supported, SitePal will automatically turn your scene into a video, that will play when clicked on.

Note: as with any video played on a mobile device (think of YouTube), your SitePal scene will play on the device's video player. This means that your SitePal message will capture their complete attention while it is playing.

Currently, all SitePal scenes can be viewed, as long as they are not part of an interactive application, such as our functional players and AI feature. For example, our Artificial Intelligence feature enables the SitePal avatar to dynamically answer thousands of questions. In this case, the avatar would require Flash support to appear. Any SitePal scene that uses a standard player that is embedded in an html Web page will play on mobile devices.
For any questions feel free to write support@sitepal.com