Pause between sentences

François 7 years ago updated by Gil Sideman 7 years ago 6


I use "." as a sentence separator in a full body avatar as in the following example:

Javascript: Saytext ('Sentence1.' + 'Sentence2.' + 'Sentence3.' + 'Sentence4.')

But the avatar does not mark any pause between these sentences 1 to 4.

How to proceed ?

Thank you


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Hello François-

First, different voices can behave in different ways - so it's worth exploring different options.

For some voices an extra comma works.

For most voices - use the 'Break' tag as follows -




<Break time="1000ms"/>

See further syntax details in the SitePal Client API Reference doc - p. 37.

Hope this helps,


Hello Gil,

thank you for your answer

When i use <BREAK/> , the avatar full-body works indefinitely ?

I simply replaced . by .,
That gives me satisfaction.
Thank you

> When i use <BREAK/> , the avatar full-body works indefinitely ?

what voice do you use?

The avatar full-body works indefinitely without saying any think.

Hello François-

Can you provide a link to your page wghere this problem can be seen?

What voice did you use?