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HTML5 TTS on iOS Not Working?

Alex 11 months ago • updated by Gil Sideman 11 months ago 2

When visiting the "Dynamically Call Text-to-Speech" demo page (http://www.oddcast.com/support1/saytext_classic.html) from an iOS device (confirmed with iPads running iOS 9 and iOS 10), a spinning icon appears and the audio is not played. The avatar itself renders fine; it just malfunctions when any of the links on the page are clicked to generate TTS audio. Other demos with static audio work fine. Symptoms appear with Safari, Chrome, and Firefox. We are experiencing the same symptoms with our own avatars on our own pages. Other browsers and operating systems work fine. Is this a known issue, and is there a workaround for iOS devices?

Under review

Alex - we're looking into it - will advise asap.



Alex - the problem is due to the fact that the page is trying to call sayText before the user interacted with the page.

This is prohibited by the mobile browser. If you comment out the sayText calls made in vh_sceneLoaded, then the problem does not occur, and the SitePal character speaks fine on mobile when button is pressed.

That said - we will look into it further to resolve this issue and ensure that a prohibited call to sayText on mobile fails silently and does not prevent future speech.