New Gold Member, but Wondering if it was a good decision.

Tony Passwater 10 years ago updated 10 years ago 6
I am getting disappointed in the support and the promised features I have been reading about that are supposed to here by now ?

I sent in a support request two days ago ... no response. Sent in another no response to the rending issues with tags in the text to voice program. The site was down for at least an hour yesterday ... the support number on the website is non-functional. And the posts from a year ago talked about full body images and support for I-Pad and Android browsers ... I like the idea of this product, but what about the issues ?
Hi Tony - 
Incoming support emails can sometimes get caught up in spam filters - despite best efforts
We will look into to understand what happened.

Yes - the site was down for about an hour last night around 9pm EST- due to a maintenance update gone wrong.
Apologies for any inconvenience - this does not normally happen...

Issues - 
* rending issues with tags in TTS? can you be more specific?
* Support number - it is available 9am to 6pm EST on weekdays - in what way is it non-functional? I'd like to look into it.
* Full body version for mobile browsers is close to being released.

I tried this morning and the 866 number kept getting a recording that the number was bad. I just tried it and it went through but i got voice mail to leave a message ...

The rendering issue can be seen at: www.aShopYouCanTrust.com/WhattoKnow.htm

If you can look at my account, I can edit the avatar that is on the above page and it previews and saves fine until you save the scene, and it quits working. I have deleted the text script and created a new one with the text and it does the same ?

You said the full body versions will be available for mobile browsers soon, but does that mean in a year still, or ? I assume full body avatars are not yet available for standard browsers yet as well ?
Hi Tony - 
I understand you are now in contact with support - I would not want to duplicate their efforts here. Let me know if you are not getting helped and I will try and assist further.
Regarding the full body - no I do not mean a year, more like weeks.
The new character will be launched with full support for desktop and mobile from day one.
Hope this helps
Support still has not contacted me about the issue with the rendering ?
Just checked with support - a couple of message bounced for some reason... they're trying again. 

About the rendering problem -  I looked at the link you included above and I do not see a problem.
The Scene is displayed and the character speaks.

Is that not what you see?
Gil, since I didn't get any replies from support, I removed the pause tags to have it working on the site this morning.