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avatar movement on mouse is not with respect to avatar position where it is displayed.

Parvez 2 weeks ago • updated by Gil Sideman 5 days ago 2

I have added avatar on my page and I have applied my own CSS to the avatar. But now face movement of the avatar on mouse movement is not proper. The movement reference is not with respect to the current position of avatar but rather the reference point for mouse movement is at the right side of the page see "Here" text on the image below.


Under review

Hi Parvez - 

Thanks for bringing this up. We'll be looking into this issue & I'll advise further once I have more information from my team.



Hi Parvez - 

Can you post a link to your test page that would enable us to see the problem?

If you prefer not to post it here - please send to support@sitepal.com and ask that the link be forwarded to me.