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Bob Pritchard 11 years ago updated by Gil Sideman 4 years ago 11
Is there a way in the API to create an audio name and save it? (not 'sayText'). The reason I ask is that I want my users to be able to create text and sayit using iphones. As you know, sayText doesn't work in an iPhone environment (the workaround is to create scenes - then use playback video). For my app that would work fine as I don't need "immediate" play (ie, if it took a minute or 2 for the audio to be stored, scene created, etc... before playback that's fine).

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Bob - using our Server API you can create new Scenes and assign new TTS audio to them programmaticaly.

This should allow you to do what you are looking to do (if I got it right).

Server API is available for Platinum accounts. Check out the API in our support pages.

Let me know if you have additional or specific questions.
SitePal Team

Can you share the URL or api information to save Audio which is loaded by saytext? 

When you ask about saving the audio - I assume you mean downloading (as MP3).

Or you might mean saving the audio to your SitePal account.

The former is possible in a different product we provide - vocalware.com - though you need a special license for Audio Export. (but downloaded audios cannot be spoken by your SitePal avatar.

The latter is possible using the SitePal Server API  - which is available with the Platinum plan.

All this may be somewhat confusing - I think it would be better for me to understand what you are trying to do and advise you of the best way to do it. Suggest you send me an email & clarify - perhaps best to get on a call to discuss.



Possible to save audio like what we creating audio in the sitepal website?

I meant that there is an option available in sitepal to create audio via TTS. Please check the screenshot. Is there a way to do the same via an API from our website? 


the Server API supports adding TTS audios to your audio library.

Check out the API Reference on the support page - and look up 'mngCreateTTSAudio' - it does exactly that.



I have silver sitepal account can I create audio using this method? 

I tried to login https://vhost.oddcast.com/mng/testMngLogin.php

It shows you don't have special permission how do I get access 


You would need to upgrade to Platinum plan to use the server API.

If you like we can upgrade you for a trial period (no cost) to allow you to review/test the API and verify that it works for your needs. LMK.

Note that you may not need to use the "login" function.

Login is only needed if you are looking to maintain a client's authentication status during a session that may require multiple API calls. 

To clarify - the Server API supports two modes of authentication - 

1. Per call - provide access credentials with each API call.

2. Per session - use "login" and then provide session token in subsequent calls

#1 is simpler - suggest you start with that.

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<RESPONSE><Status>1</Status><Error>authentication failed, or user has no permissions for specified operation.</Error></RESPONSE>

Got it. Server API use requires Platinum plan subscription.

If you are already a Platinum subscriber & yet seeing this permission error, let me know and we will investigate asap.

If not, please upgrade to use the API.

Hope this helps, regards,