Saving Audio via API

Bob Pritchard 7 years ago updated by Gil 7 years ago 1
Is there a way in the API to create an audio name and save it? (not 'sayText'). The reason I ask is that I want my users to be able to create text and sayit using iphones. As you know, sayText doesn't work in an iPhone environment (the workaround is to create scenes - then use playback video). For my app that would work fine as I don't need "immediate" play (ie, if it took a minute or 2 for the audio to be stored, scene created, etc... before playback that's fine).

audio api save
Bob - using our Server API you can create new Scenes and assign new TTS audio to them programmaticaly.

This should allow you to do what you are looking to do (if I got it right).

Server API is available for Platinum accounts. Check out the API in our support pages.

Let me know if you have additional or specific questions.
SitePal Team