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Need an urgent reply

Winstone 9 years ago updated by Sumit B 9 years ago 2
To whom it may concerned,

I am a user of your Platinum package of which expiration date is Jun 25 2016.

My account name is SitePal 4179769.

I have used your service for our website whose main purpose is English education.

I have used your TTS for reading those words and sentences which were put

onto our website.

But from today, there happened a serious problem in your TTS.

For some words and sentences, those unexpected comments are read by your TTS,

such as 'This TTS demo is for testing and evaluation purposes only, and 'Any other

unauthorized commercial uses are prohibited etc.'

But, I am an autorized platinum package user, not a demo version user.

This error has caused very serious demage on all the user of our English educaion website.

So I urgently ask you to find what caused this kind of error to our website

and to solve the problem.

Looking forward to hearing urgently from you with a satisfactory solution,

Winstone Choi

Hi.. Winstone Choi ..
Our services also have got a problem. ㅠㅠ
Please contact us if you ever Korean. 010-9494-7129(이현철)
Under review
Hi Winstone,
Apologize for the Inconvenience.
Due to a configuration problem, some of our voices are generating audio alert messages,This is only affecting Engine 3 voices, which in English are - Kate, Julie, Paul, Ashley, Bridget, Hugh & James.

We expect to have this problem fixed by noon. As an interim solution you could switch to using a different voice.
We're very sorry for the inconvenience.