email redirects to sitepal webpage

Bill 10 years ago updated by Gil 10 years ago 1
i have just done an email test. the recipient when clicking on the avatar gets redirected to a sitepal/oddcast page. is this how it is suppossed to work? if so, then it is no good. recipients will get annoyed and move to the next email
Bill -
The main consideration is the technical inability to include the actual speaking character in the email - email client products (such as outlook) and web based (such as gmail) do not support it.
So we implemented a best possible solution (we thought) of including a picture of the Scene, with a link that plays the speaking character when picture is clicked. This link could open a popup - but we thought a new page/tab would be least disruptive.
Please consider and advise - how would you prefer this feature work?
SitePal Team