Developing for SitePal

Eric Johannsen 11 years ago updated 11 years ago 5
It seems that SitePal requires domains to be registered for an account. How can I develop and test the solution on my local machine prior to publishing to a live website?
Eric -

Domain security is not required but an option you can turn on/off for your account, with the exception of dynamic TTS (sayText and sayAIResponse function calls) - where domain security is always on for your protection.

So - if you are not using dynamic TTS, turn OFF 'secure playback' for your account (default state is OFF). This attribute is set in your 'Account Info' page.

If you do use dynamic TTS - add 'localhost' or to the list of domains and you should be fine.

Hope this helps,
SitePal Team
I will be using TTS. Is the domain resolved in the client (in which case localhost will work), or at the server (in which case I guess I would need to add my public IP address)?
localhost will work if that's the domain name that will appear in your browser's address bar.

But you need to set it up in your account.
Eric -
Please confirm this is working for you - let me know if you still see a problem.
Hi Gil,

Yes setting localhost allowed a test project to work.