Firefox problem 'The scene is embedded on a domain that is not enabled in your account.'

Julian Hamm 13 years ago updated by Gil 12 years ago 3
I've recently enabled a new domain - www.wordstrip.com. It works fine with IE and Chrome and Firefox on my wife's machine but with my development machine it gives me a 'The scene is embedded on a domain that is not enabled in your account.' error. It seems to be remembering the error from before I added the new domain and I can't figure out how to reset it. I've tried rebooting Firefox and my machine and also clearing the shared objects folder but all to no avail. Advice, please.

I just checked the site on Firefox 4 and the scene loaded properly. Which versions of Firefox are you using? Also please try again after clearing cache and cookies in the Firefox and let me know if you are still seeing the Problem.

im getting the as a response from pandorabots.com (i cheated a little and got my free vhost account onto my pandorabots account) and im running it off iexplorer and chrome, so its not just firefox and not just wordstrip.com.......
Hi Daniel -
We support SitePal - Pandorabots integration for SitePal accounts at the Silver level or higher.
If you would upgrade your SitePal account to Silver - and send the account details to support@sitepal.com - we could set you up.
SitePal Team