Your comments

Hi Gil,

Implementation is working. Thank you.

But again I am thinking about iPhone/iPad flash question.

What about automatically converting flash animation in HTML5 file ?
Is possible ? Have you experimented this way ?

Hi Gil,

I have one (at moment...) more question about: is for sure that time for create iOS video is max 2 min ?

May be I have found a solution for my problem....but it is working only if delay is within 2 min.

Hi Gil,

My implementation may be more reactive, so 2 min are too much time to wait.
I have thinked about this issue , but do not found any useful solution.

Now that problem with mngAddScene api and apostrophe char has been resolved
I have tried also to use it...but do not return a scene usable. In this case neither Android nor for iOS.
First remain without audio, latter send a message type "file xxx.mp4 do not exists".

So at moment I stay on hold with iOS devices and will release only app for android.

Thanks anyway for your time.
Hi Gil,

would seem to be a browser caching problem... but it is not so.

For safety I have done other tests:
- after dropped down safari to refresh cache, I reload it with same iPad and allways video say different from pc.
- so I have called the page from my iPhone (first call, never used)... identical result
- more... I have asked to a friend of mine to connect with his iPad...same result !

So I have changed scene to do a better test.

On Sitepal I have many scenes, similar and all without audio.

Then from my server I execute a call to mngCreateTTSAudio assigning it to a scene.
All works fine.
Then get code embedded HTML/javascript in my page - same as previous - and again:
on pc browser flash play correctly
on iPad, iPhone video is mute (as if the scene had remained as before without connecting to the new audio)

After that, I have registered a new audio on scene with mngCreateTTSAudio and mngEmbedScene to retrieve code embedded.
Now also pc browser is playing old audio and not the new !!

This happens while on sitepal site scene is working correctly.
To assure that is not browser caching -apart to refresh cache- I have used other pc.

Are you sure that your server is correctly refreshing scenes with changed audio ?
Or, better, can you indicate me where I am wrong ?

Hi Gil,

the page is on site. Here is a link to page named TestWithoutSayText.htm.

Now video is working.
Meanwhile I have changed audio; now on iPad is playing old audio, while on pc browser is playing new audio.

FIY, I change audio calling API: mngCreateTTSAudio, mngEmbedScene.