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Went to sign into my account, saw an alert, a message stating I need to "confirm my email address". I sent the confirmation, checked the message. I am now being sent to an account I never opened, stating it is 4 days old? I also show there are 2 accounts. In addition Gil - to my knowledge I paid for this service (Gold) and did not proceed with a Free Trial, because of the features I needed. So here I am, no access to my account, my site is completely affected now- no avatars display, and we are getting ready to launch our social media campaign.

Although there have been responses, they for the most part explain fixes that did not take place, and lack of communication. We do not have an option here Gil, we chose your company for particular areas of our website, and these scenes are embedded. Is there anybody home here? 

I would like to say after staying on these folks we actually had service for 4 days. This evening, all of the avatar/scenes on our site have disappeared. I am getting this message when I try to login: Database error: Link-ID == false, odbtp_connect failed
MSSQL Error: 0 ()
includes/oddlib/ Session halted

Gil has been responsive, but there is a complete disconnect in communication with support staff.  They are courteous but they are less than responsive. So 4th week into this service, and here we are again with service not working and nobody to talk to. We are getting set to launch our big social media campaign this weekend on our new website, and this feature will be missing. It was working fine earlier. 

5 hours ago, rep said they had this fixed, and then said they would have someone get right back to me in an hour. No Response. Here is what my SitePal scene looks like (see above), site scenes will not load.

This is laughable, I have brought these issues to you for 3 weeks. You have one hour to repair or this becomes. LinkedIn special post to my Community of 28,600 connections.

I have not been able to use this service for over 2 weeks and this is the same BS story you told me a week ago. My next step is to post all of this nonsense across social media including my LinkedIn connections 28,600. I need this fixed now.

Hello, nothing is fixed. When we go to and attempt to open a scene it does not open, but grey bar spins on screen. Therefore, None of the scenes are working on our site. Do you have quality control at because this has been a problem since a week ago. If you fix something, wouldn't someone evaluate to make sure that is the case?

Our site has not been fully functional for nearly 2 weeks, and this is a huge disappointment.