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Hello Gil,

I can put up a quick demo page later today but the quickest I can show you it's from your documentation site:

The song doesn't start from the correct line if played on Android/Chrome, we're facing the same issue on iOS.

Thank you 

Hello Gil,

no luck even if I use the interrupt mode on OFF on mobile the last sayText always overwrites the previous ones.

The current setup is pretty much that way, in the real world I load the TTS lines from a JSON file (which sometimes might contain more than 900 characters and it gets split into different lines), then fed into a for loop which works on desktop but not for mobile.

setStatus(0, 0, 0);

// Example, real lines are coming from a json file
var lines = [
  '<s>Very very very long line of almost 900 character</s>',
  '<s>Another very very long line of about 700 characters</s>',
  '<s>Short line of 100 characters or so</s>',

for (var i = 0; i < lines.length; i++) {
  var thisLine = lines[i];
  sayText(thisLine, 4, 1, 3);

Any clue?


Hi Gil,

thanks for the prompt reply :)

I can't add another domain as my client is already using 2 out of 2 production domains already which I assume I can't remove.

Any other ideas?


PS: The error I am getting is a javascript alert window saying "The scene is embedded on a domain that is not enabled in your account."