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HTML5 TTS not working on local dev environment

Luigi Mannoni 4 years ago in SitePal Gold updated by Gil Sideman 4 years ago 4


I've been working for a clients' product which embeds a SitePal avatar on their website which the core functionality being the TTS feature of SitePal.

The avatar works on the production website, however never loads either on localhost or making extremely difficult to make and test changes to the TTS API on local and on my mobile devices too.

I've checked in my clients' SitePal account and there is no mention of a list of allowed testing IPs/domains, a workaround I found is to modify my hosts file to repoint localhost to use the production's URL (painful, but works), however I still cannot manage to test the changes on mobile without pushing everything in production first.

So, is there a way to add localhost or local network addresses so I can test with different physical devices before pushing my code upstream?


PS: The error I am getting is a javascript alert window saying "The scene is embedded on a domain that is not enabled in your account."

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Hi Luigi - that's a useful clue 

Try adding to your list of licensed domains.

You can do so in "Account Info" page.

LMK how goes.



Hi Gil,

thanks for the prompt reply :)

I can't add another domain as my client is already using 2 out of 2 production domains already which I assume I can't remove.

Any other ideas?


You may need to purchase another domain ($5/month) - but before you do, let's verify that this is the issue.

Please reach out to me at <redacted> & let me know your username (email used to login) - that will allow me to look at the account.