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When could you reply

Ok, Thanks.
I sent the message to
I am waiting for your reply.

Hi, how was your weekend ?

I have been waiting for your reply.

I hope we can discuss today.

Warm Regards.

And if you send the message , I will appreciate it if you let me know via this community.

Because your message was not in inbox.

Warm Regards

I have found .

Thank you for your email and efforts. I will wait for you again. Thanks again.

This is my mail.(gamil)

Sorry , but is this mail right ?

I have just received this message.

It is same.

I think there is a error in your side.

Sorry,but would you send me again ?

Hello, Sorry but there is not message.

There is only this message.

I will appreciate it if you send me again.

Hi, Mr.Gil

How are  you today ?

I am waiting for your reply.