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Thanks a lot!.. for some reason I had a very old API reference PDF (year 2008)... I dont know what link I have follow for that PDF, maybe a link inside another pdf.

I have check the new PDF and I have found everything i need. Thanks a lot.
problem solved:

I haved added <!doctype html> (Head of the html)

And now java API works on IE9

for some reason in some computers with IE9 don't use the correct doc type ... so java sitepal character don ́t work. But if you insert <!doctype html> it works.
SAME PROBLE HERE, when I use Java it work with ie8 and firefox, but not in IE9

<script language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript" src=" language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript">AC_VHost_Embed(2081179,300,400,'',1,1, 2166969, 0,1,0,'cf55adf770d3ec4e1a3d0be9ddb41701',9);</script>

I can ́t use Flash, because I what to use the javascript API