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Reply to Sumit! The website in questions is Load it via laptop or desktop it loads fine but load via mobile device and it does not load properly! Check it out..
I can not seem to figure out what's wrong with my Sitepal scenes on mobile. Sitepal works fine on my regular site but when loading the site via mobile I get a completely different scene.

I get a scene with the "grandma" avatar and a play button. When you click the play button on the mobile site the "grandma" scene loads and it seems the scene has some sort of audio attached but no sound comes out.

Why can't I get the scenes that I uploaded to my site to play via mobile????? I even went to Best Buy and check phones and tablets there and my scene will not load on any device.

I need help with this ASAP "please!" Most of my clients access my site via mobile. If I can't get this fixed it makes no sense for me to continue to pay for this service.

I don't know if this will help but I've attached a screenshot of the scene that loads when the site is loaded via mobile.

Thank you,