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I have this same problem. See the following link.

The avatar should say a paragraph from a children's story and then the Preamble.

Maybe I'm confused about what you mean. How do I "assign" an audio to the scene? Is this different from calling the sayText function?

Would I assign the audio before I export the scene or could I do it dynamically? I'm guessing its the former and not the latter.

Here is a test. Even when I press the play button, nothing happens. Is there a special function that should be called to respond to the play button being pressed? I tested this on an iPad and an iPhone.

Hi Gil,

I re-added the embed code but the site pal still does not speak on pages opened on mobile devices (iPad and iPhone). Is there something in/not in the code that might prevent the site pal from speaking on mobile devices?

When I resize the window, the avatar does change size. However, there seems to be a minimum size. I will continue to play around with it.

I had to come up with a quick workaround . I will test tonight and let you know.

Hi Gil. Can you give me an example of how the resize function should be used. I am testing it and I get the error saying resize si not defined.

Awesome. I'll test this today.

Is there a timeline for these updates?