Voice (NeoSpeech) doesn't work today

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The following voice doesn't work today, please check, thanks:

Voice ID: 4
Language ID: 1
Voice Family ID: 3 (NeoSpeech)

Test URL: http://www.qe.com.hk/test_sitepal_eng.htm

Best Regards,


Under review

We experienced a problem with our Naospeech voices for several hours yesterday.

The problem was due to a software update that misbehaved unexpectedly despite prolonged evaluation prior to deployment.

Problem was cleared up at 8:15 pm EST last night.

Apologies to all for the inconvenience this has caused. 

We will continue to strive for problem free operations. 


Hi Gil,

But the voice is changed to "This TSS demo is for testing only..." now, please try: http://www.qe.com.hk/test_sitepal_eng.htm

Best Regards,


We are on it - should have it corrected soon.

We've temporarily replaced all affected voices with comparable voices earlier this morning.

About 1 hour ago the problem was resolved and all voices have been restored. 

Let me know if you still notice a problem of any kind.

I have this same problem. See the following link. https://jessicanjones.org/reading/dissertationStudy/showingError.html

The avatar should say a paragraph from a children's story and then the Preamble.

This seems to be a different issue.

Your code calls 'loadText' instead of using 'sayText' to invoke speech. 

loadText does not initiate speech.

I'm note sure why any audio is spoken. 

Please take a look at your code and see if you can spot the problem.

If you have specific questions - please shoot a note to support@sitepal.com

See our own sayText support example for reference -