Where did the scenes go?

Dan 13 years ago in SitePal Gold updated 13 years ago 2
I started the 14 day trial today. I was on a role creating a scene and associated audio files. Then suddenly, it all stopped working and I was left with one scene; Sitepal Demo Scene. I am no longer able to create or edit scenes. Any ideas?

Also, it looks like I lost my bot in AI MANAGEMENT CENTER. I didn't put a lot of work into yet, just trying to learn more, but I cringe thinking I might have put a lot of time into it and then suddenly it is gone.
Dan -
This is bizarre
Try logging out, clearing cache and cookies and loggin in again.
Let me know

If the problem is not immediately resolved - send a note to support with your account information - and we will trace it from there.
SitePal Team
Hello Gil,

When I logged in this morning, from my work computer, all of the scenes are available; including the one I created. When I get home this evening I will see if it works from that computer.

However, in AI Management, the bot I created is gone. I am on the verge of buying into this and spending a lot of time creating a specific bot. I would sure hate to lose everything after investing a great deal of time. Is there a way to backup a bot in case something like this happens in the future?