In AIMC, can I create more than one bot with different names and response topics?

gianlombard 12 years ago in SitePal Platinum updated by Gil 12 years ago 1
I have created an (Avatar Bot) successfully within my AIMC account. I have given the Avator Bot a specific name as well as added a few new base properties. The Avator bot does respond to the question about what his new name and other topics correctly. (So far so good)!

I would now like to create a second Avator bot with a different name and some new base properties that will be different from the first Avator bot I previously created. My question is; How do I create a second avatar bot so as it will have a separate identity than the first Avator bot I had previously created. (Basically, can I have more than one avator bot in my account with different names,responses...)? An example would be: One Avatar named Tom answering questions I have programed and also have a different Avatar named Jane on a different webpage responding to a different set of questions I have programed. Also, within the AIMC base properties section there is tab on the bottom of the page for (WEBSITE) the default website listed is http://www.soundforge.net/product/pro.... I would like to know if this should be left alone or should I be typing in the Web URL of where I will be installing the Avatar Bot.

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Anthony -

Yes editing and using multiple AIMC "bots" is supported - but is enabled by default only for Avatar Studio accounts (the more professional version of SitePal)

Please send us your account details in an email to support@sitepal.com - and let me check if we can enable this feature for your account.

Regarding the "Website" property - this is an attribute of the bot that is available for you to set. The bot will refer to it in response if asked about his/her website. This is just like setting the bot's name or girlfriend etc.

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