my avatar won't answer questions

TiffanyW 13 years ago in SitePal Gold updated by Gil 13 years ago 1
I just purchase an avatar with the gold package. I was able to put him on my website, he says the initial greeting he was programmed to say, but after that, he will not answer question that are being asked.
Tiffany -
Did you setup a "licensed domain"?
This is a security feature designed for your protection.

Under "Account Info" you need to enter the domain(s) where your avatar is used.
for example - if the avatar is on the page -
you would enter the domain -

Please try - and let us know if the problem is resolved.
If not immediately successful - please post a link to your page - where the avatar can be seen, and I will look into it.
Or - send a note to support@sitepal.com

SitePal Team