Text-to-Speech: 10 New Voices!

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For those of you who are always looking to keep your website fresh with new content and new avatar voices, the holiday season is coming early this year!

In addition to introducing 3 new text-to-speech (TTS) languages, SitePal is also adding 10 new voices to its lineup of TTS talent. In total, SitePal's text-to-speech* selection includes about 150 voices from the industries top text-to-speech technology providers.

The current update includes the following new text-to-speech voices: Anna (German), Thomas (French), Oskar (Swedish), Ting-Ting (Chinese), Xander (Dutch), Milena (Russian), Maged (Arabic), Damayanti (Indonesian), Eszter (Hungarian), and Simona (Romanian).

As always, SitePal will continue to include more new voices and dialects, as soon as they are developed by our TTS partners.

To see SitePal's text to speech feature in action, try one of the following:
- SitePal's text-to-speech translator - Type in your text, choose the language you want to translate to and from, and SitePal will both translate it, and speak it!
- SitePal's text-to-speech widget - Create and share an avatar message using TTS.
- SitePal's Demo editor - Try SitePal's full-feature demo to create a custom avatar. Then, send it to your friends!

*Note that the text-to-speech feature is available from the Silver package and up. For a comparison of SitePal packages, visit www.sitepal.com/packages.
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Can I have up-to-date Family and Voice ID numbers for the available voices?

The documentation's list of voices is missing quite a few: https://www.oddcast.com/pdf/Oddcast_TTS_Module.pdf


Joe - 

We will publish the updated reference data to the site in the next few days.

In the meantime - you can grab it from here - 

Oddcast TTS Rest API v.11.pdf



Thank you for your reply. Where will it be published?

same link you indicated