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Interactive iPad app development as demoed in the Odd Avatar app publicized by Odd Cast

Joy 11 years ago in SitePal Studio updated by James Trump 10 years ago 18
My primary interest in SitePal came as a result of seeing an iPad app called Odd Avatar that demonstrates the interactive avatar along with interactive Text to Speech--exactly what you'd get through the traditional web page implementation. I can't seem to get interactivity however in my own iPad implementations. I just get video clips that the user must click to play. I have the Gold membership now. Is anyone able to explain what I need to license to get access to the functionality demoed in the Odd Avatar ipad app?
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It's Here: SitePal Mobile Playback

Eva 13 years ago in SitePal Studio updated by Gil 10 years ago 23
With more and more customers going mobile (using mobile devices to browse the Web and shop online), SitePal is keenly aware of the need to bring our website spokespeople to life on smartphones and tablets.

Now, we have developed a solution that enables SitePal avatars to be displayed on mobile devices, automatically!

SitePal Mobile Playback is Available to all SitePal customers.
There is nothing you need to do and there is no extra charge!

Here are the main details of SitePal Mobile Playback:

Works on Many Mobile Devices
SitePal Mobile lets many Web-enabled mobile device display your SitePal scene as a video. There is no need for Flash support, only video support, which is included with virtually all phones.

Included in All SitePal Packages
SitePal Mobile is included in All SitePal Packages - every SitePal customer has access to SitePal Mobile the new feature.

Works Automatically
There is no work required to enable SitePal Mobile - it works automatically for anyone who views your website on a mobile device.

And here are some of the most common questions about the new feature:

How much does it cost?
It doesn't. SitePal Mobile is provided Free for all active SitePal customers.

Can I try SitePal Mobile before purchasing a SitePal account?
Yes. SitePal Mobile is also included in SitePal’s Free Trial. The Free Trial of SitePal includes 15 Days of unlimited access to all SitePal features for the package you select.

How does it work?
Since SitePal works on Flash, we need to be able to show SitePal scenes on mobile devices that do not support Flash. Here's how it works: When a visitor comes to your website, SitePal technology detects whether or not they are using a mobile device. If a mobile device is detected, SitePal then checks whether the device supports Flash.* If Flash is not supported, SitePal will automatically turn your scene into a video, that will play when clicked on.

Note: as with any video played on a mobile device (think of YouTube), your SitePal scene will play on the device's video player. This means that your SitePal message will capture their complete attention while it is playing.

(*Using Flash is the optimal way of viewing SitePal on your site. Some mobile devices do support Flash. So, SitePal Mobile Playback will only kick in if the user's device does not support Flash.)

Which Mobile Devices are included?
Currently, SitePal scenes can be viewed on over 90% of mobile devices, including the iPhone, iPad, Android, HTC and Blackberry platforms. Other devices may also support SitePal Mobile Playback.

What are the limitations?
Currently, all SitePal scenes can be viewed, as long as they are not part of an interactive application, such as our functional players and AI feature. For example, our Artificial Intelligence feature enables the SitePal avatar to dynamically answer thousands of questions. In this case, the avatar would require Flash support to appear. Any SitePal scene that uses a standard player that is embedded in an html Web page will play on mobile devices.

Additional questions?
Feel free to email us your questions to

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Pay-as-you-go option for downloading SitePal scenes

Abhi Chand 11 years ago in SitePal Studio updated 11 years ago 2

We produce educational videos and want to use SitePal scenes as anchor footage, intercut with our own main footage and b-roll footage. Basically, this will allow us to use SitePal avatars / characters as anchors in our videos. Makes them that much more appealing.

I understand that one must buy a studio subscription for this or contact your sales team. But we are not high-volume content producers and would be happy to pay as we go, paying each time we produce and download a scene.

Just curious - why is not pay-as-you-go a standard option, allowing customers to use your service as a standard software-as-a-service / SaaS? Would be a great option given you have a really great product!

We love what we see and are excited at the prospects of using the product for education and training, beyond just sales and marketing.


Text-to-Speech: 6 New Voices and a New Language!

Jesse 13 years ago in SitePal Studio updated by Djjeetu Rock 10 years ago 2
If you use SitePal’s popular text-to-speech (TTS) feature, you’ll be happy to know that we’ve just introduced more brand new voices, as well as a new language. The following voices are now available to all customers who use text-to-speech. You can also try the new voices in SitePal's online Editor Demo.

New Language: SitePal text-to-speech now supports Esperanto. Never heard of this language? Click here to learn more about Esperanto.

New Voices: Six (6) new TTS voices have been added to SitePal’s comprehensive selection of text-to-speech voices. We are proud to introduce Veena, our first Indian accent English voice! You can hear Veena in action in SitePal’s online demo.

Interested in this feature? Learn more about SitePal text-to-speech.
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SitePal Intro Movie

Eva 13 years ago in SitePal Studio updated 13 years ago 1
Is there an intro movie to SitePal we can see? I'd like to see an overview of SitePal features.
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Eva 13 years ago
Sure, here's the SitePal introduction movie:


HTML5 not working unless Chromium embedded flash is used

I ported my characters to the HTML 5 version to try to keep my Sitepal useful without Flash, but we still have to load a Flash plug-in to see it.   Its in a game, and the NPC players come on screen at various times to prompt players to advance in quests.

A typical character is at, and they work perfectly in all browsers except the Chromium embedded version that is embedded in the Firestorm viewer for Second Life and Opensimulator.    We still get a "Media Plugin is missing" error with HTML5 .  

If I load the Chromium embedded version of Flash, it works.  This should not be required, yet obviously is.

The support group there says "In order to play Flash format videos (e.g., YouTube videos), you must have the Opera & Chromium version of the Adobe Flash plugin installed. Unless you already have this specific version of Flash installed already, you will need to get the Opera & Chromium Flash plugin from Adobe."

Does HTML5  do a check to see if flash is installed?    That might trigger login in this viewer to block the plugin you use.



How to run Javascript inside AIML template

Hamed 11 years ago in SitePal Studio updated by Gil 11 years ago 1
Do you have an answer for this question:

I have run into an issue using AIML along
with a SitePal agent. Currently my AIML code accepts
some input. I than use Javascript to manipulate that
input as shown below. AIML than sends a response to
the SitePal agent.

help equation *

Based on this word problem here are the
values that you need to focus on

The problem I am having is that when the response is
sent back to the SitePal agent actually speaks the
The agent will say "var equation ="star />"........

Does your TTS program have "Highlight" function?

Winstone Choi 10 years ago in SitePal Studio updated 10 years ago 2
1. I plant to make an education website which will read English sentences to children. What I want is a TTS with "Highlight" function so that children can distinguish what is being read by TTS from what are not being read. I mean that the sentence which is being read should be highlighted so that children can easily distinguish the sentence from the others. Does your TTS program have "Highlight" function?

My mic is not recognizing my voice.

dianne 12 years ago in SitePal Studio updated by Akhil 12 years ago 1
I'm trying to add a voice to my avatar; however, the mics I am using are not recognizing my voice. The strange thing is, I hear my voice come through the microphone and the speakers on my pc, but I'm getting a message from the voki site that the mic is not recognizing any activity.

Any solutions?

Audio-video E-book publishing

Toruk Makto Tsuru 13 years ago in SitePal Studio updated by Gil 13 years ago 1
I am considering use of SitePal technology for publication of a dramatized audio-video e-book (37,000 words) that could be downloaded to mobile devices. This e-book would involve the use of multiple avatars and at least three dialects of English using text to speech technology. Does SitePal have production capabilities for such a project, and would you be interested in launching the next wave of e-book publishing?

Here is a link to current text version of the book I would like to convert into audio-visual format:
audio-video ebooks