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All you ever have to do to remove the avatar from your site is to remove (delete) the embed code that was used to embed the avatar. What is the embed code?

richard schauer 8 years ago in SitePal Silver updated by Gil Sideman 8 years ago 7

What does the embed code look like so I can take it off my site?

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Hi Richard -

Here is what SitePal embed code looks like - highlited below.

Hope this helps,


SitePal Team

I can't read the copy thing. Since I can't get onto my gold account to see this, can you make it bigger?

Click on the image - it pops out.

Should be clear

I did that and still have the broken link thing on my www.CaNotarySchool.com I upgraded to Gold because I though that could delete it. It didn't. I was using silver, is there a different paste for the silver. This one did not work.

Hi Richard -

I'd like to help but I'm not sure I understand.

I believe you are saying that you are trying to remove your SitePal Scene from your website.

I looked at the code in your page - and I could not see the SitePal embed code. Looks like you've removed it successfully.

So what's the problem?

ps. The embed code is the same for Gold and Silver btw

Hi Richard -

I don't see it. I'm guessing the old page is cached in your browser - suggest you clear your browser cache, here's how -


Let me know if that worked for you.

btw - Why did you want to remove SitePal?

knowing more could help us improve.