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AI not using the <srai> tags or writing to memory

KarleighBon 5 years ago in SitePal Gold updated by Gil Sideman 5 years ago 10

I have successfully deployed my Fionna bot with this company and others before with no memory issues. However to-date since returning to sitepal, Fionna bot is still calling me user and not retrieving her deep programming. Can someone check on this? I wrote several e-mails and already got links to programming examples that make no sense to me. Please help... I am account 7184700 at Karleighbon.com

Under review

Hi Karleigh - 

Can you send us a review link to your test page - where we can see the problem?

We'll take a look and advise - thanx!



If you could post a link to your test page, where we can see the problem, we could advise as to how best to proceed.

If you do not want to provide the link here in the public forum - send us a note to support@sitepal.com.



Hello Gil, here is a test readout on the Fionna bot. The first half is on your website test/live bot. The second half starting at line 106 is from my own website. I registered this website with you. What more do I have to do.

I do not know what "a link to your test page, where we can see the problem," means. Where is this page?

If you are experiencing a problem - I assume that means you have embedded a SitePal character into your web page, where a problem is noticeable.

Please send us a link to that page - and we will review and advise.

Thank you!

Yes, I am still experiencing problems. I set the bot into your suggested framework and it does not do callbacks and it does not write to memory/database somewhere. Here is a test readout from Saturday. Can you fix this. 

Please post a link to your page - can't do much before we can see the page.

Many thanks,


It is not writing to <srai>,  <star>,  "" , tags or anything else.


Thanx - I asked support to take a look and help out.