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Adding avatar in iOS apps

d citi 5 years ago in SitePal Silver updated by Gil Sideman 5 years ago 1


I’m developing an iOS app written in Objective-C in Xcode. Is it possible to embed your speaking avatar into such kind of project?

Do you eventually have any tutorial?

Best regards.

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Hello Daniele - 

We already communicated via email - but for the record, I will post the gist of my response here as well.

You can use our speaking avatars in your native app by loading them from your SitePal account

You would load the avatars into a webview within your app - this technique works on both iOS and Android. Just like you would load or display any web page within the app.

If you would like to load the characters locally (not from the web), we provide an Embedded Mobile Toolkit - where we provide you with a package that includes our avatars to be distributed with your app, and to be loaded locally from the mobile device.
This also works on both iOS and Android (please contact sales@oddcast.com for pricing)

I would suggest starting with the first solution - and check and see how that works for you before considering further. We'll be happy to support you either way.