Not a bug

-Audio Requires User Input NotAllowedError: The request is not allowed by the user agent or the platform in the current context, possibly because the user denied permission.Error!!!

bsuriyak uts 4 years ago in SitePal Silver updated by Gil Sideman 4 years ago 14

-Audio Requires User Input NotAllowedError: The request is not allowed by the user agent or the platform in the current context, possibly because the user denied permission.Error!!!

it is urgent please help 

As per the requirement we can't show play button in the browser. possible to play text without user interaction?  if you open the page in safari, you could see that error. 


Looking into it. will advise. 


After engineering review we believe there's a problem with the code on the page.

To identify the reason for the problem we will need more information.

For starters - would be great if you could fix this in your code (use className instead of class) - see image 

This may or may not be related - once this is addressed, if the problem still exists, we will need to review the react development code for the page.

We don't see a problem in our own react example - so we think the culprit is something in your code, but we will need to see the code to further advise.

You don't need to post here - you can send it to support@sitepal.com - ask that it be forwarded to Gil.

If that's difficult to do - perhaps you can prepare a simple example that recreates the problem - and procide us with the react development code for that example.


We were able to fix it the above issue, but even though it is not playing initially. Then We tried to replay the audio, now it is playing the initial audio twice.... We need the fix especialty in safari, Currently we are receiving in different issue, that is once we get teh red color error message, it is not playing the specific sentence. Currently we are sending messages to the avatar from another page to here. If you need any sample have to create to recreate the issue, let me  Can you please check the below snap? It is very urgent, please help us to resolve it asap.

Got it. 

We'll be looking at this tomorrow (Monday)  - and let you know what we find.

Are you able to recreate the same or similar problem (on Safari or any other browser) with our own react code example?

(available on the SitePal site support page)

LMK - if would be helpful.

We haven't faced any issues in the react example which downloaded from the support site. It is working fine in safari and other browsers. Possible to get a call to show the code and do demo you? 


Our engineer is standing by for your Skype call.

His Skype handle is: <redacted>

Hi Can you help on this? Please check the attached image. When it sends a message to the avatar it returns empty track to play. Let me know what is the reason it showed like this. 


As you know - we're still looking into this. 

The problem seems to be the result of a delay between user interaction and subsequent audio playback - which in your page happens a couple of seconds later and not as a direct result of the user pressing the button.

While most browsers do not have a problem - and play the audio, newer versions of Safari/Mac take a stricter approach.

In our own code, as part of the SitePal code engine, we have encountered a similar issue  - and were able to work around it by calling and playing an "empty" audio at the moment the user interacts with the page. 

This allows subsequent audio playback to function successfully. The browser logic accepts that the user has initiated audio playback - and thus further audio playback is no longer blocked. I believe that's what you are seeing in the console.

This works fine on all browsers - including Safari/Mac, including in React.js.

The Scenario in your page seems somewhat different - and we're looking at various ways to help you work around Safari browser restrictions.

For example - if you were to initiate speech immediately upon the user clicking the start button - that might help.

You may want to try that - while we continue to look at this from our end.

Hope this helps - we'll follow up via email early in the week.

Let us know if you make any progress.

Take care,


We able to do that and now it is playing only already recorded audio. If we use window.sayText, it doesn't working properly in ios safari browsers. Could you please update on this? 


Hi Rahul - 

For the record - we've been communicating directly and looks like the various problems/issues noted this this thread seem to be resolved now - with the exception of certain performance aspects we are helping you to look into.