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TTS API stalls after a number of interactions, but not when running on localhost

jheno 4 years ago in SitePal Silver updated by Gil Sideman 4 years ago 2

Hi, We are building a chat application with a SitePal Avatar. The avatar (embedded into html running in a mobile webview) processes a sizeable number of dynamic TTS requests. When the html is hosted on localhost, this works perfectly. However, when deploying to a web server, the TTS functionality stalls after around a minute (or perhaps a certain number of utterances). How can we remove this limitation?

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There is no built-in limitation that would explain this.

Do you see a similar effect/problem on any of our technical demos, or here - www.ttsdemo.com ?

Please share a link to your page where this issue can be seen? We'll take a look asap.
If you prefer you can send to support@sitepal.com.

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This issue is being followed up directly via email.

A few words for the record (and future readers) 

The client's implementation is on Android native app, where the client has loaded their SitePal avatar in a webview. This is the recommended approach for native app integration.

The client has noticed 'stalling' as described above, apparently only in that context. We are currently waiting to receive the development app for review, to allow us to recreate and advise.
I expect to follow up here when more information is available.