Is this ActiveX if so can i use Embarcadero Delphi 2009 with this?

dopors 12 years ago in SitePal Platinum updated by Gil 12 years ago 1
Hi, i just want to ask about How to intergrate the SitePal AVATAR. I am using Delphi by Embarcadero if it is possible to use C#. Would it be possible to also use it for Delphi? Is this ActiveX base?


Just noticed this question - brought up several months ago.
Sorry for the very late response - I imagine that you already found a solution, but I will respond for the benefit of anyone reading this.

Yes, it is possible to integrate via a C# API into a C# application (same for C++).
We have not tried doing so in Delphi - but I don't see why it would not work.

Note that C++ and C# APIs are supported only for Platinum accounts.
If you are interested - contact our support & we will send you over source code API examples in C# (or C++) - which you can then expand on.

Hope this helps