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never ending preview screen

Terence A Bryan 9 years ago in SitePal Gold updated by Gil Sideman 9 years ago 6
Test this link out for yourself:
click only when you have lots of free time
Every test that I have tried results in the same never ending preview screen. I have done all the standard things, tried different pcs and browsers.
A complete waste of a 2 week trial
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Under review
Hi Terence A Bryan,
Sorry for the Inconvenience.
Please send the account ID or email ID associated with the account to support@sitepal.com
Support team will check the account and extend the trial period.

mrtbryan@googlemail.com - sorry
just tried still the same
seems to be working for me.
try clearing your browser cache - and try again.
SitePal Team

Hi Terence - 
Are you still experiencing a problem?
We looked into your account and everything seemed normal. 
Please let me know
SitePal Team