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XMLHttpRequest blocked by CORS policy

pavel cernocky 3 weeks ago in SitePal Platinum updated by Gil Sideman 2 weeks ago 3

Hello Gil,

we have a problem, that sometimes we get this error in browser console, when calling sayText().

Image 250

It happens unpredictable, once in a while. When this happen, the avatar does not say anything.

Are we doing something wrong or is it a problem on your side?

Thank you,


Under review

Hello Pavel! 

This is typically an indication of failure of the TTS request.

Failure could be the result of bad input - or could be something else

I'd need your account ID (or login email) to check our logs & advise further.

Please share either here or by sending a note to our support.

Standing by,


The SitePal Team

Hi Gil, I've sent our account ID via this form https://sitepal.com/contact.


I saw. Thanks

I checked the logs and responded to you with detailed info.

Please check.