Insert small pauses, change intonation?

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How can I insert small pauses to make text-to-speech more lifelike? I have started adding commas (in places that shouldn't have them) to force a tiny pause between words, but I want to be able to pause longer between paragraphs. Also, it would help to have a way to subtly raise the intonation of the stressed syllable at strategic points, for emphasis or in questions. I imagine that the second request could be difficult, but not the first (pauses). Any suggestions?
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Yes - the way to do this is to use SSML tags.

SSML tags are instructions you add right in the body of the text to direct the TTS engine how to interpret the text.

Using SSML tags you can add timed pauses, raise or lower the pitch of the voice, control the speed of the speech and a variety of other factors.

Many SSML tags are supported by most (but not all) of our voices.

A demo available on our support page shows off the capabilities -

Our API Reference document (link below) describes SSML tags supported by our voices. This is described in Appendix C - you don't need to be a programmer to understand this, just skip directly to the Appendix.

SitePal incorporates TTS voice technology from different vendors, to provide our customers a wide variety.Unfortunately different voice vendors support the SSML standard differently (or not at all).
In our documentation we try to present a clear summary.

The way to use the documentation is -
a. Locate the voice you intend to use in the list of voices in Appendix B, and note which "voice family" it belongs to.
b. Take a look at the supported SSML tags in Appendix C, and you will see our comments for each tag describing whether it is supported by each voice family.
Note: Nuance (id #4) voice family does not support SSML at all.

Hope this helps.
SitePal Team