LoadBackground function

valsassina tv 13 years ago in SitePal Gold updated by Gil 13 years ago 3
It would be useful to have a LoadBackground function in order to load backgrounds without accessing the management interface
The Client API allows you to dynamically update/modify the background using the 'setBackground' call.
This function call allows you to set any background image previously uploaded into the account.

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SitePal team
I know this function, but the problem is that you have to upload the image previously. It's not very flexible. As you have saytext function to say an external text, I'd appreciate to have LoadBackground function to load an extrenal image.....
You are right - setBackground does require the image be previously loaded into the account.

To upload user's background dynamically you need to look at our Server API - available with the Platinum package.

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SitePal Team