Is there any way to make my AI bot available on an iPad?

ellenvines 11 years ago in SitePal Studio updated by Gil Sideman 9 years ago 5
Ellen -
Not at the moment. The solution we now use for iOS converts the Scene to video and is therefore not dynamic.
We are working on a new generation of characters which will be fully iOS compatible, and will support AI and dynamic TTS.
No release timeframe yet. Stay tuned.
SitePal Team
Ive actually been waiting for 3 years for this feature and still doesn't work!
I urge you to prioritize this. It is essential for my project too.
Hi Emiliano -

The new full body characters were recently launched - and they fully support dynamic API functions on mobile devices.
The API implementation is identical on desktop and mobile - use sayAIResponse.

The user experience is nearly identical - the only difference on mobile is that the user must touch the character (once) before it can speak. This is a browser requirement on mobile browsers on both iOS and Android.

Please check it out - more information here -

Let me know if any comments or questions.
SitePal Team