Can I use unlimited scenes with SitePal?

wahida wani 13 years ago in SitePal Gold updated by Jesse 12 years ago 5
Can i have unlimited scenes to be embedded in the website ? if yes how many it can be created and published since i need to create many FAQ avatars/characters?
scene unlimited limit



Yes, you can create an unlimited number of scenes to use on your website. There is no limit on the number of scenes you can create and publish.
Your SitePal package type will determine the number of domains you can publish to, and the number of audio streams available.
Additional domains and streams can be purchased, if needed.

I hope that helps.
I'm using GOLD accout. Canyou give the exact number of scenes that i can have?
Again, you may create as many scenes as you would like. If you ever reach a limit, just let us know and we'll give you more!

Another question regarding this topic - I am planning on using SitePal within my eLearning environment. Thus I expect to need a lot of scenes.

Is there a way to categorize Scenes and Audio Streams in any way as the overview on "my scenes" in the configuration site? If you have several different topics for your scenes and audio streams it is very difficult to work with that comfortably.

Hi Sebastian,

Thanks for your question. With most SitePal plans, the scenes are organized into one big sortable list. Some of our eLearning clients, such as universities, and eLearning module providers, use Avatar Studio, which is a more advanced account interface that includes additional features. Each Studio account is customized based on the customer need.

If you are interested in learning more about our Studio plan, please send a note to sales@sitepal.com and our team will get in touch with you promptly.