I have several avatars that are not working on my website

Percy A Lowe 11 years ago in SitePal Gold updated by Gil 11 years ago 3
Also, the phone number given for my gold account no one is picking up the phone to talk. I need to have this situation resolved quickly. This is not the way to start off a business to business relationship.
Percy -
Can you please post a link to your page where the problem might be seen?
Also - did you send a note to our support with your account information and details describing the problem?

SitePal Team
Sorry for the inconvenience, A user have to define domain under licensed domain into Sitepal account.
The domain setup is required for your security when using dynamic TTS
I have added your domain name under Licensed Domain into Sitepal Account.

Please check your website.

Also, please review this tech note -
"Using the TTS API"
available in the SitePal support section -